Corporate Card & AP Automation Geeks.

Expense Bull is a small team of well-respected consultants known to dominate the pre-paid, corporate card, and AP automation industry.

Our team assists corporate businesses with adapting to new products, actionable strategies, and implementing cost-effective, rewarding programs onto a platform deemed fit. We are not a card issuer.

Expense Bull

Partnered with and trusted by leading spend and expense management platforms across multiple countries, we are highly skilled professionals that have brought 5,000+ card programs, both physical and virtual, small and large to fruition. 

We provide a detailed and educational experience with exclusive offers from numerous platforms to automate workforce solutions, in one simple meeting.

Expense Bull has an extensive background in providing advanced card solutions and upkeep to industries such as accounting, construction, education, healthcare, non-profit, on-demand, and religious organizations. 

Services we offer

Virtual Cards, modern card solutions

Corporate & Prepaid Cards

Branded physical or virtual card programs to save time, enhance visibility, control spend and eliminate manual reconciliation.


Payroll Solutions

Digital Banking solutions to enhance the employer and employee instant-pay process. Ideal for gig economy and 1099.

Corporate & Prepaid Cards

AP Automation Software

Optimize and monetize your accounts payable to improve cash-flow and financial controls across your corporate business.