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Written by: Manaswini Rao Kaki


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Fyle comes out on top at rank #2 in G2’s Momentum Grid Report for Expense Management, Winter 2021, and we’re delighted to share the highlights with you!

G2 expense management reviews for fyle expense management software

At Fyle, we strive to build features that offer superior control to Finance teams and easy expense tracking & reporting features for employees. No matter how complicated an expense management process, an expense software should uncomplicate and automate it.

In a recent interview with SourceForge, Yash, and Siva, the co-founders of Fyle said,

“Over the last four years, we have created a new standard in expense management that blends consumer-grade experience with enterprise-grade control. From implementation to support, Fyle strives to deliver a seamless user experience, enhanced control, and automated compliance.”

Setting new standards in expense management

With the rise of consumerization, consumers know that a software doesn’t have to be clunky, unintuitive, and difficult to use – there’s no going back from this. 

Expense management softwares have traditionally not been very employee-friendly. But their consumerization is inevitable. Thus, enterprise expense management software vendors have no choice but to build their products to adapt to the growing needs of businesses today.

It’s time businesses leverage technology to automate and streamline crucial business processes such as expense management. Automated expense management not only helps save costs but also improves compliance and mitigates expense fraud. All it takes is a few clicks to find an expense management software that provides the control your Finance teams want and the UX your employees deserve.

expense management software fyle

Fyle’s performance in the Enterprise segment for Expense Management in G2’s Winter Report 2021

We seeWe’re seeing incremental growth in our rankings for Expense Management and Travel & Expense under the Enterprise segment. This winter, Fyle was ranked a high performer at #6, trailing right after legacy expense management softwares.

G2 reviews for fyle enterprise expense management software

Here’s how we’re performing in the Enterprise segment: 

G2 reviews enterprise expense management software Fyle

In a G2 review, an enterprise customer described Fyle as

Best reimbursement SaaS product that I have ever used so far.” 

See how Fyle compares with the most popular expense management software:

Fyle v/s Concur

Fyle v/s Expensify

Fyle v/s Certify

Fyle v/s ChromeRiver

Enterprise expense management systems are often very complex and require large amounts of training. This makes it hard for finance teams and employees to make full use of the software without any external assistance. This further leads to disruption of processes, making it harder for teams to collaborate seamlessly. It also creates resistance amongst teams to adapt to newer technology. 

A software’s job is to ease and streamline processes and not add to work. 

Fyle is obsessed with solving expense management for the accountants, employees, and other stakeholders in the entire expense management process. We offer a plug-and-play expense management solution that requires zero training. This means Fyle automates enterprise expense management processes as they are, without teams having to change the way they work. 

In another G2 review, an enterprise customer recommends Fyle because:

“Fyle is one of the expense management tools out there with the easiest UI.”

No one likes inelegant and clunky software! We’re continually adding more features and improving the UI to ensure users have a truly seamless experience. Additionally, with Fyle, different stakeholders see all the information that matters to them in a glimpse with customized expense management dashboards.

CFO expense management dashboard

CFOs often keep track of the finances of multiple entities. With Fyle’s customized CFO expense management dashboard, CFOs can view all data around spends, expenses, approvals, payments, employee behavior, and finance operations in a single, unified view.

Expense management dashboard for CFOs | Fyle

Additionally, with real-time insight into the financial health of multiple entities or orgs, CFOs can leverage accurate and up-to-date data for financial planning and strategic growth. 

HOD expense management dashboard

Besides ensuring smooth operations, Heads of Departments also need to keep track of departmental budgets and expenses. With Fyle, HODs can customize Fyle’s expense management dashboard to get an overview of department expenses, budget compliance, approval, payment status, and more. 

Expense management dashboard for HODs | Fyle

Additionally, HODs can also view all expense data that matter to them via a centralized dashboard to instantly understand what needs their attention. 

Employee expense management dashboard

Fyle’s suite of expense tracking features make tracking and filing business expense receipts a breeze! Whether or not employees have access to the internet, they can file expense receipts instantly. Further, Fyle allows employees to track the status of their reimbursement claims from the expense management dashboard. This eliminates the need for employees to send out reimbursement inquiry emails to the finance teams! 

expense management software for businesses fyle

Additionally, employees can view all expenses, reports, and receipts in one place. This helps them never to lose track of their expense claims. All this while ensuring compliance from end to end.

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